The Last Second Ministry

Hello everyone, I’m John Grissom. Welcome to my website. My website will be about Jehovah God’s kingdom. My mission is to preach about Jehovah God’s kingdom thats about to be setup here on earth. And preach about the great tribulation thats about to occur just before his kingdom. Now I’m a God fearing person, and I’m a man that will tell you like it is. No matter who likes it or who don’t. I will tell it like it is, because I’m standing up for what is right and I’m against what is wrong. I’m standing up for what is right in Jehovah God’s eyes. Now what i’m saying on here, its in the Bible. The Bible says it. I’m delivering Jehovah God’s message the way Jehovah said it in his book. And I don’t make the rules, Jehovah does. If you are honest and sincere, and you open the scripture and you look at it, and you see it its there. I’m not making it up. So read my website, and look it up with the Bible scriptures that I have on here and you will see the proof for yourselves.


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